Creating common spaces that are unique to each multi-family project is the starting point for our team to ensure that the project becomes a home for all residents.  Providing a variety of small gathering spaces with specific activities or purposes is balanced with open spaces for the flexible use of the residents is one of our core beliefs when we are space planning interior communal areas.  Unique furnishings, art, and details are a key component of our concept for the common spaces as well as model units.

We work with the owners and architects to formulate a finish package that is current, durable, in budget, and specific to the development…again creating a unified brand for the complex and the owners.

Featured Project: Student Living Apartment

The concept for this student apartment complex began with finding 2 pieces of art and then incorporate them into the local university mascot and school colors.  We were then asked to go more in-depth to create spaces that were unusually sophisticated and urban as compared to typical student housing projects.  We selected finishes and furnishings that were functional, yet each piece had something unique for the project.  Custom millwork and art highlighted our concepts.  Introducing a mix of materials and details allowed us to create a fun and functional spaces inviting the residents to linger in the common spaces and engage with the surroundings.


Our Multi-Family Projects