Transformation of spaces to improve the quality of the human experience is a thrilling prospect for our design team.  Each renovation project is unique, and the results are very personalized.   No matter the size of a renovation, it is a major undertaking whether it is small or large, commercial or residential.  We strive to streamline the process, provide guidance, and issue professional documentation and project oversight to encourage a smooth process for all involved, including the clients and contractors. 

There is always a story behind each renovation and it is fun to view the transformation of spaces…before and after as shown.

Featured Project: Historic Home Renovation


Rather than tearing down an historic home, the client wanted to renovate and add-on using the center core of the old house, which had 18” thick walls and a masonry interior structure not often seen in this part of the country.  The original roof line was maintained leading the final aesthetic decisions for the exterior.  Where possible, original details were kept in place to honor the traditional style of the home.  Clean lines and purposeful details brought this home into a new century with an expansion of space for family and guests to enjoy.  The homeowner was very involved and specific with details of finish and color selections.  Our design team, including contractors, were able to exceed the homeowner’s expectations in the final result of this 18-month renovation project.