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ranch view

I absolutely adored working on this very special project. Our clients raised their family in their 1984 home and never updated it. Once the kids were grown, they planned on downsizing . . . but the grandchildren (14 in all!) changed that. The new plan was to make Everyday Extraordinary™ in a home that worked for the WHOLE family!

We completely redesigned the house, moved walls, added architectural detailing, changed textures, added ceiling details, and the list goes on. One of the things I really loved that we did was install a roll-in shower in the master suite upstairs. Then, thinking ahead, we created a second master on the first floor so they can stay in their home as long as possible.

We also added an outdoor kitchen and living area, plus plenty of space to graciously entertain their extended family indoors. A bonus perk: we designed lots of football party viewing space with four TVs and loads of seating. Framed TVs and custom art installation make our clients' home a stunning, comfortable space for the whole crew.

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